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Convention session proposals are open through Aug. 1.

Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are available. Early signing discounts available before Aug. 1.

Registration is now open online. Early-bird rates are available through Oct. 1.

Hotel reservations are open.

Complete information available at the Minneapolis NSEMC site.


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Webcasting Rates & Recordkeeping for student “Radio” Stations

CBI has been working on behalf of student media outlets like yours to make sure pay a reasonable fee for webcasting music and to provide options concerning what you need to report to SoundExchange.  The current rates are the result of a negotiated settlement and are in effect through 12/31/2015.  CBI has negotiated a settlement for 1/1/2016 – 12/31/2020, but that has not yet been adopted by the judges which oversee the rate determination process.  Tangentially, the same judges determine what data must be reported by stations.  The CBI settlement includes a provision for a proxy fee in lieu of reporting which would cover MOST student stations.  Stations which are not covered under the proxy fee MAY need to include additional information.  CBI and many of its member stations have fought against the increased burden and we are waiting for the judges to make a determination.  Stay tuned to this space for updates.  If you have questions, ask!

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Student media in the news


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Tomball looks to launch local radio station

“We want to wait until school is back in session,” Parr said. “This is an effort to create a program that would work both Lone Star College-Tomball and Tomball ISD, and allow them to utilize the station itself as a broadcast outlet.”

Last summer, the Tomball City Council approved the acquisition of a low-powered FCC license to operate a local broadcasting system used to market city sponsored events, and broadcast public safety issues to residents.

Read more from the Houston Chronicle.

Plus, Radio Survivor’s LPFM watch, the WIUS reunions, and the Radio Survivor podcast.


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Board Blog: Summer Retreat


One of my favorite things as a media adviser is seeing students grow as leaders in our program. The close one-on-one contact working with eager students to better these skills are conversations that happily fill my office on a daily basis.

Lisa Marshall, CBI Treasurer

Lisa Marshall, CBI Treasurer

Student managers and faculty from Orbit Media met this past weekend for a short summer retreat. Topics included planning the TV news program, next year’s newspaper design, getting our local SPJ Chapter more active on campus, and discussions about how to better manage student peers.

Our management students traditionally move back to campus a week before classes begin to make these decisions and prep to be live the first week of classes. But the concept for a formal summer meeting was new. The idea to host this planning session was 100 percent student driven. Lucky for us, half of this student group lives close to the university, but others came hours from home to make this weekend happen.

If your media outlet can similarly benefit from a summer retreat, here are highlights from our experience:

  • Having students focused in a room with no competition for hours is wonderful. Being able to make sound decisions without students leaving for other meetings, practices, or commitments makes a big difference.
  • Turning the outside world off. No personal electronics. Asking students to print notes prior to the meeting, send links in advance to project, and write things down ahead of time helped drive the productivity.
  • Fresh perspective. Luckily we have students working intense internships with news stations this summer. These few months away made the Muskingum University media world more real to them. Expectations for their peers are now higher.
  • Local reporting. This is an odd summer for us because we don’t have any working reporters due to outside jobs and internships. Students were able to turn around local news features this weekend during their off time to populate our website for the rest of the summer.

This group set the pace for hopeful future retreats. I am proud of their initiatives and decisions to better Orbit Media. I am looking forward to their planning paying off for the fall term.

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Student Media in the News


KCPR Cal Poly Radio dispatches with its long-time community DJs as the college charts a new course

Three basic changes were announced: Only students can be regular DJs; all DJs must take a 2-unit class and then subsequently enroll in a 1-unit practicum; and there would be no more graveyard shifts, instead all programming between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. would be prerecorded.

Read more from the New Times.

Saint Leo University radio to hit the airwaves this fall

WSLS will broadcast on 92.7 FM from a small antenna at Pasco High School the university is renting for $10 a year. The signal will cover St. Leo and Dade City and reach into Wesley Chapel and Zephyrhills.

Read more from the Tampa Bay Times.

Session Proposals open for CBI NSEMC in Minneapolis

Session proposals are open through Aug. 1 for the fourth annual CBI National Student Electronic Media Convention in Minneapolis, Oct. 22-24. For more information or to submit a proposal, visit the session proposals page.

KBA hosts the fourth annual WKU Radio Talent Institute
Over the ten days, college students, who had applied and were accepted into the Institute, will be taught on almost all aspects of radio, including on air, sports, news, production, promotions, digital and sales. There are no breakout sessions; all students are in every session.
Read more from FMQB.

Plus, Spinning Indie tours Howard University’s WHBC, the history of WIUS and their reunions and the latest Radio Survivor podcast.

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Board Blog: New Broadcast Technology


Herbert Jay Dunmore,  CBI Vice President

Herbert Jay Dunmore, CBI Vice President

As broadcasters, its important for us to take a look at the future of Ultra High Definition and 4K and how it affects us in the present day and near future. There are live broadcast tests of 8K taking place this year, so its eventual emergence is far gone from the myth factor. In fact, by 2020, you should expect to see 4K and in some regions, 8K broadcast to homes across the world. For more information, visit

OTT and IPTV are methods of content delivery that are increasingly becoming relevant as it relates to the best practices and skill sets that should be taught to students. Increasing in interest is the perspective that broadcast, in its traditional form is slowly dwindling in numbers as content viewers are cutting the cable and relying on Netflix and Hulu. I lean toward the idea that broadcasters can and will have a large selection of mediums through which content can be delivered to their consumers. For more information, visit

This is a very exciting time for me as a content provider and adviser to video and film students.
We made the decision to introduce students to the 4K workflow early so that they can adapt and enhance skills for post graduation. This exposes them to interconnectivity between essential devices such as recorders, displays and converters of the UHD signal.

Topics such as these can extend to include frame rate, image quality and signal compression and storage of the content. As we approach the 2015 NSEMC conference in Minnesota, I hope to continue discussions like these to ensure an awareness of the technology and tools that we use for producing content.

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Student Media in the News


Jamie Lynn Gilbert Upped To Associate Director At NC State Student Media-WKNC/Raleigh

NC State Student Media has promoted Assistant Coordinator/Director Jamie Lynn Gilbert to Associate Director. Gilbert has been in her Assistant role since May 2006, handling assessment efforts for the department and helping manage and develop budgets and the department website.
Read more from All Access.
Radio Survivor examines Top 10 lists and more
Numerous college radio stations tout that they are one of the best college radio stations in the country based upon inclusion in that list, even though the list has nothing to do with ranking the quality of a college radio station. It’s actually based upon student responses to the question, “How popular is the radio station?”
Read more from Radio Survivor.

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Student Media in the News


Student Radio Station WXTJ To Begin Broadcasting on FM

WXTJ, a radio station run entirely by University of Virginia students, is slated to begin broadcasting at 100.1 FM – supplementing its continuing online broadcast – sometime within the coming months.

Read more from Charlottesville Tomorrow.

Columbus State’s first radio station debuts

“This is by far the biggest opportunity that we’ve gotten since I’ve been here,” said Lynch, 21, a 2012 Glenwood School graduate from Cusseta.

Read more from the Ledger-Enquirer.

Longtime adviser says Internet radio has a bright future, including at Chapman

As the longtime faculty adviser for Chapman Radio, Levy watched as the station transformed from a smattering of passionate students broadcasting out of a closet into one of the hottest names in college radio. Last semester, after 25 years with Chapman, Levy retired at the age of 72.

Read more from the Orange County Register.

Plus, LPFM updates and a new podcast episode from Radio Survivor.

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Student Media in the News


KCWU-FM PD Nikki Marra Wins International Radio Award
Marra was recognized for her 2014 audio documentary, “The College Radio Road Trip,” where she traveled across the country interviewing, comparing and contrasting college radio stations through interviews with administrators, faculty and students at each institution.  The documentary was offered to all college radio stations as part of COLLEGE RADIO DAY 2014.
Read more from All Access.

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Today’s spotlight comes from Neumann Media at Neumann University in Aston, Penn. Thanks to Sean McDonald!

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Board Blog: Why be excited for Minneapolis?


Some of you may be wondering what is in Minneapolis and why should you be excited for this year’s convention? Well after going there at the start of June for the board retreat I can give you three good reasons why everyone should be excited for this years conference in Minneapolis.

Amanda Reesman, CBI Student Representative

Amanda Reesman, CBI Student Representative

The first reason to be excited is there is some great food and it is pretty reasonably priced! While there I ate at a few places and my meals were delicious and the prices were pretty good too. I also found several other places I can’t wait to try including a local bakery that also makes coffee!

The second reason is for $1.75 you can ride the monorail all day, the rail can take you to and from the airport. It can also take you to the Mall of America! The station for the rail is just around eight blocks from the hotel and if that seems like a long walk to you, there is a free bus that will take you to the station that stops right outside the hotel.

The third reason is, the hotel is stunning! The rooms are spacious, with big windows and plenty of power outlets including one on each bedside table. The bathrooms were clean and modern I loved it.

So if you weren’t already excited for Minneapolis you should start getting excited! After my first trip there I can honestly say I am really excited to go back and try some things I didn’t have a chance to try before.

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Student media in the news


KEXP to Launch “Under the Needle: the KEXP Sessions” over College and Community Radio

According to KEXP, “Every year for the last five years, KEXP has recorded over 500 live on-air performances featuring great artists from across the musical spectrum.” With such a large collection of music content, the station decided that it would like to make that music more broadly available

Read more from Radio Survivor.

Drop in enrollment, funding at KCC is killing WKCC radio

WKCC, the public radio station for Kankakee and Iroquois counties and one of 160 rural stations in the U.S., is going off air by the end of the year, around the time it would have turned 8.

Read more from the Daily Journal.

And more college radio news and LPFM news from Radio Survivor.


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