Annual Call for Entries for the National Student Production Awards


Check out the call for entries for the 2014 National Student Production Awards here.


Webcasting Rates for 2011-2015 Almost Final (Again)

Rates and terms for webcasting are set in five year increments through a federal rate setting process. CBI negotiated a settlement which was available to any student station and asked the Copyright Royalty Board to adopt those rates and terms as applicable to all student stations and it did.  Another organization objected to many facets of the rate setting, including the rates CBI negotiated.  To an extent, the other organization won their appeal, but only on the grounds that Copyright Royalty Board, as constructed, was unconstitutional.  The result was that the rates and terms were thrown out and remanded.  The CRB conducted a proceeding on the remanded case and did not change a thing concerning rates and terms for student (educational) stations in their initial determination.  The CRB had some comments and observations concerning the objecting party.
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 Update Your SAGE EAS Software NOW!

If you have a SAGE EAS unit, it requires an immediate firmware update.  The SAGE EAS units failed to relay a weekly test on 1/13/2014 due to a problem associated with the firmware loaded on the equipment.   A fix is available at

Visit the link and download the software to a location you will remember.  Then connect to Sage.  Check your firmware version by clicking “version”.  You should see something like

System Startup at 01/14/14 17:06:31
Digital ENDEC 1.1
FPGA version 54
DSP version 1.33B
Board rev 5/89.5
SN: B306207
Base: 10.17 MB
CR rev 2

 Be sure to check the highlighted field above.  If it not 89.6, you should update the firmware before applying the patch and then apply the patch.  Do this by downloading the newest firmware, logging into to your SAGE and then click upload.  Then do the same for the patch.


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